There are infinite ways to generate ideas

Lean UX, MVP, Design Thinking, Service Blueprint, Design Sprint, Jobs to Be Done…


But only one way to get results: Product.

Get results with INVERTIV’s very own framework: “5 D’s of PMUX”.


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INVERTIV’s Framework:

5 D’s of PMUX

5 D’s marries Product Management and UX Design and this marriage help us go beyond generating ideas and achieve results. Both for you and your customers.

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The strategic and visionary part. Answers to questions like “Where are we going? Why? Is this a good route for us?”


This part answers questions like “What alternatives do we have? What should we expect on this journey? What are unknown unknowns?”.

Definition & Design

This is the part where we define the route to results step by step. Be it product requirements, customer support training or marketing briefs.


The route definition is, well, just a definition. This is where we plan, organize and execute to deliver the product and supporting elements like FAQs, marketing campaigns etc. so that we realize the value.

Data & Optimization

There is not one step in product management that we can’t make use of data. To make use of data first, we should determine what we want to learnt and then how to aggregate and interpret it.


Our founder Akar Şümşet’s speeches from international events like World Usability Congress, UX Alive, ProductTank.

World Usability Congress  (EN)

Brand, Product, UX, Gamification & Persuaison

Akar Şümşet at Graz, Austria.

UX Alive

Gamification, Persuasion & Growth Hacking

UX Alive is one of the largest UX conferences in Europe.


Product Management, Innovation & Frameworks

Our founder Akar Şümşet is the leading organizer of ProductTank İstanbul, meetup arm of Mind The Product. Here, he introduces 5 D’s of PMUX with 5 exercises.

Generate results, not just ideas.

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