Team INVERTIV commands both tactical and theoretical knowledge and experience needed to take an idea to all the way to getting results. The wide range of skills we possess enable us to support you for product management, design and development as well as strategy and innovation.

Akar Şümşet


Akar likes to mix things and create new tastes. In fact, INVERTIV is a good example of this mixing behavior. His academic mix (math engineer + master's on communication strategies) fuels all his production. He's been working on digital products for the last 10 years as of 2018. Akar's portfolio features giants like Vodafone, Comodo, Coca Cola, Akbank as well as globally successful startups like Fitwell and Zeplin. And, he likes to speak and write. A lot.

Burak Diri

Product Strategy, Digital Transformation

Burak is known as the Turkish Sherlock Holmes + Hagi thanks to his impeccable detail orientation and rocket (no, not racket) like right foot. He has worked as a developer, product manager, business intelligence leader, strategy consultant, general manager and even had a couple startups of his own. This vast experience makes him an invaluable source of knowledge for INVERTIV. Some of the many companies he worked with are Doğan Holdings, iLab Holdings, Vestel and Hürriyet.

Can Taner

Data & Optimization Expert

As well as being a semi-professional actor, Can also is a digital product unicorn, if you will. During his 15 years in the sector, he worked as a test engineer, business analyst, scrum master, project manager and for the last 5 years a growth hacking consultant. His portfolio includes giants like Sony, Vodafone, Turkish Telecom and sector leaders like Tart New Media, Sherpa, Fitwell.

Ertuğrul Şümşet

Full Stack Product Designer

It is hard to imagine someone not enjoying any kind of cheese but all kinds of design work. Well, that's how Ertuğrul is. He does UX and UI design as well logo, small leather goods or packaging design. Thanks to his wide range academic background, he does all those things with laser like precision.

Oğuz Arıkan

UX Research & Design Expert

Oğuz enjoys reading on startups and strategy, drinking tea and coffee as well as cooking and online games. All these helped him get through the 2 years filled with 20 different projects at Userspots. After that many projects, he decided to focus on a product and worked for Hürriyet. The product focus he got there helped become the Product and UX Design manager at Avansas.

Rıdvan Şümşet

Full Stack Developer

An all around basketball player and an ITU engineer Rıdvan, is also an all around developer. He is helping INVERTIV as a full stack web developer.

Şahan Eken

Senior UX, UI Designer

Şahan ``found the peace in design`` during his business administration education at Bilkent and didn't let it go for the last 10 years. He has a deep experience on mobile as well as crafting a visual brand identity and interface animation. His portfolio includes tens of great projects like NTV, Dakick, Arabam and Sociable.

Umut Özbağcı

Head of Innovation & Business Development

A self proclaimed musician, storyteller and a professional reader Umut, studied Political Science and International Relations. Yet, he found himself selling tech. He provided consultancy on HR Tech and managed business partnerships for many of the Fortune 500 companies in Turkey. He has a special interest in transhumanism, singularity and futurism and writes a weekly column for Dünya newspaper.
Number of years we collectively invested in digital products. Enough to know that experience is much more than the number of years spent.
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The number of products we collectively worked on. We serve with the wisdom coming from managing, designing and building all those products.

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