We know people learn best when they have fun. So, our training courses designed to develop skills while having fun.

INVERTIV product management training courses cover a wide range of topics with a results driven approach thanks to our very own 5 D’s of PMUX framework. Product strategy, UX strategy, creating roadmaps, user research, market analysis, competitor benchmarking, product positioning, product documentation, user interface design, agile product development, data aggregation, data analysis, reporting and optimization are covered from a product perspective.

These training courses feature globally known methods and approaches and help you understand which method to use when and why. This way, product people become more all around players and other departments develop a stronger product understanding. This leads to a better collaboration and more results driving efforts.


Couldn’t find what you were looking for? No worries. Tell us what you need and we will craft a special training for you.

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  • Product Management Essentials
  • UX Essentials for Product People
  • Data & Analytics Essentials for Product People
  • Competitor & Market Analysis


  • Blue Ocean Strategy for Executives
  • Persuasive Product Strategy for Executives
  • Digital Product Leadership for Executives

Cognitive Design

  • Gamification Essentials
  • Cognitive Principles and Digital Products
  • Persuasive Product Design
  • Creative Thinking for Product People

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Zero to One or Advanced
We adjust the level depending on your team, organization and needs.
Fun and Learning Together
Best way to learn is to have fun while learning. We are experts on gamification and know how to make training fun, too.
Company Specific
Tell us what problems you’re trying to solve and we’ll create a program specific to your company.

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